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Parajumpers by Vousten

Parajumpers Jackets

The brand Parajumpers (PJS) was created through a collaboration between the Italian designer Massimo Rossetti and the American Ape. The company was founded in Alaska, because rescue workers needed jackets that could withstand extreme weather conditions. Snow storms and frost must then be able to be defied. Such a jacket must offer optimal protection, at sea and in turbulent mountain areas. Functionality and good ventilation are essential.

Parajumpers jackets of high quality

Parajumpers coats amply satisfy the above requirements. They distinguish themselves in terms of quality and comfort. A PJS jacket is mainly made of durable nylon. The used materials and fabrics are also used in parachutes and are therefore very strong. To promote wearing comfort, a fabric that is as light as possible is chosen. Parajumpers has made handy bags at the front of the men's and women's jackets. In there, your hands are kept warm. Most jackets have extra pockets to safely transport mobile phones and other fragile items. They also have a detachable lining and a hood at the back.

Winter jackets from Parajumpers with real down

The collection Parajumpers winter jackets is popular because of the unique material use. The fur collars are lined with 100 percent real down. The Parkas model is a windproof winter jacket with a hood, ideal for cold weather. They have a normal fit, but are somewhat longer. Just like the bomber jackets, they are water-repellent and available for men and women. Popular men's bombers are the Fire and Gobi. These are available in different colors and fabrics. You can choose between polyester and nylon, or for a combination with leather. As soon as it gets warmer outside, switch to a mid-season jacket.

PJS summer coats for spring and autumn

The summer collection of Parajumpers consists of short and light models. A famous ladies summer jacket is the Geena Woman. You can wear this coat throughout the year. Black versions are popular, but they are also available in other colors. As an alternative there is the watertight Yakumo. That is a summer jacket with a handy zipper and practical pockets. A nice summer jacket for men and sturdy boys, is the Ugo. This lightweight jacket has a double zipper on the front and a chest pocket on the inside. For the hottest days of the year, a fleece may suffice.

The PJS collection has more to offer

Did you know that PJS has more to offer than just coats? The Parajumpers collection consists among other things like vests. These can be recognized by the logo at the bottom left. Besides a vest you can go to Parajumpers for comfortable sweaters. These are made of 100 percent cotton and often have the brand logo as lettering on the front. For a perfect matching you can buy a warm hat. Thanks to the combination of wool and acrylic, your head stays pleasantly warm. They stand out because of the beautiful PJS patch. Sometimes they are also worn by kids, where they have a separate clothes collection made for.

Do not wait until the Parajumpers sale

Would you like to walk in fashionable high-quality coats, which insulate and ventilate well? Great jackets that are relatively inexpensive compared to what other providers ask for? Then at Vousten you are at the right place with this superior brand. They have become a popular coat brand, worldwide. The disadvantage of that success is that even before sale has started, many sizes are already sold out. Therefore, buy a modern and contemporary Parajumpers jacket every season in time. You will love the appearance, warmth and ventilation provided. With a Parajumper you will always look elegant.